2022 GFA National Game Fishing Titles - Registrations and Other Information

Angler & Team Registrations

Angler & Team Registration form available to download as a PDF at the bottom of the page[here]

Angler Fees are K425 for adults, and K250 for Full Juniors (registration for juniors contesting Junior prizes only is free - see Junior Angler & Team Rules for more information [here]). All anglers must be IGFA members, or a member of a club affiliated with either the IGFA or GFA PNG.

Teams shall consist of minimum two (2) and maximum four (4) anglers.

Non-Fishing Skippers and Crew - must register (K250) if they would like an angler shirt, bag and other merchandise.

Guests who wish to attend all Sponsor nights throughout the tournament must register (K200). This excludes merchandise and the Presentation Dinner on the 17th April.

Fees are to be paid in advance - Bank deposit details are on the Angler Registration Form (Download [here]).

Angler & Team Registration forms and payment receipts to be emailed to mgfc2022@gmail.com

Shipping of Boats:

Anyone interested in shipping their boat on Consort to Madang, please contact the following; 

          Chris.DeVilliers@consort.com.pg & Nicholas.Schoepfer@consort.com.pg

with the following information & requirements:

  • Overall dimensions for boat or trailer (largest outside DIMS)
  • Whether boat is on a trailer or cradle
  • Load port
  • All boats to be delivered to the port by the shipper
  • All loose gear needs to be secured/locked away
  • All outriggers to be removed and antennae laid flat

Download Nomination Form