Game Fishing in PNG

Papua New Guinea fishing grounds have always been protected by the ever changing tropical climate keeping its secret from intruding anglers. So secret, that rowing anglers who are forever looking for the latest on what's biting where, never knew that our isolated fishing grounds and untouched rivers offers the best lure for the sport and game fishing enthusiasts.

In dense jungle rivers, our world renown champ, the mighty 'lure shy' PNG Black Bass will challenge any intruding angler who think they can toss their trespassing lures anywhere.

This river tiger is found nowhere else in the world and if you think you are an expert angler, be warned you have not met your match. The 'Blacky' is a never give up mean monster that will put an expert angler back to the novice class.

Then again there is the option to try out the Barramundi. With river fishing, you have the opportunity to meet the locals and if you are lucky, you might see a traditional singsing or simply enjoy being alone in some of the pristine jungles for a fresher.

For those who prefer the ocean, the underwater predators of Papua New Guinea's Bismarck and the Archipelago Seas poised to erase any memories of an angler's past catch. Our seas are littered with the type of monsters you prefer to have a good fight with. Dog tooth tuna, Sailfish, Yellow fin tuna, Marlin and plenty more will make you go, 'wow'.

From the rivers or from the oceans, Papua New Guinea has the ultimate fishing experience. The coastal waters around the Madang, East and West New Britain and New Ireland abound in blue and black marlin, sailfish and dogtooth tuna. In the waterways near Kandrian, freshwater fisherman can take on the famous Papuan Black and Spot Tail Bass found only in Papua New Guinea. If barramundi is your game, stay at the remote Bensbach Lodge near the border of Irian Jaya. There's saratogo and ox eye herring to play with too.

Get serious and start planning your fishing venture into some of Papua New Guinea's unknown grounds for that big bite. Here are some ideas to get your started:

M.V. Talio maintains state of the art equipment, from 8kg to 60kg tackle and electronics including radar, GPS and top of the range sounder. It has a maximum speed of 29 knots. With so much fishing within range, on any given day anglers can enjoy a variety of world class sport.

For the ultimate Papua New Guinea fishing experience, combine a 'Talio' Madang adventure with a trip to Arrjim Island Bass Fishing Camp on the remote south coast of West New Britain. Internationally renown for its black and spottail bass.

Coastal current can run at 5 knots, carrying sailfish, yellowfin, mahi mahi, mackerel and many more species to within 100 yards of the shore. Sailfish in particular hunt in packs. Talio is operated out of Madang by owner and skipper Brett Middleton.

For more information contact the Sport and Game Fishing Operators in Papua New Guinea.